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Small hot tubs

Our historic, top-notch small hot tubs Ireland can enhance any home beautifully and provide you with the end of a stressful day. We are here to assist you in obtaining your desired hot tub. We have been providing our high-standard small hot tubs Ireland nationally to many delighted customers.

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Medium hot tubs

The medium hot tub is the best option for most people and is often suitable for 4-6 persons. Our stylish medium hot tubs Ireland has a long-lasting polish. We have a variety of sizes and types of medium hot tubs for sale.

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Large hot tubs

Unfortunately, a lot of successful hot tub stores don’t have enough space to stock a variety of large hot tubs. Not the case with “My Hot Tub,” one of the most reputable companies in the hot tub industry in Ireland. Also, we have the most comprehensive selections of Jacuzzis hot tub models with a skilled delivery team to supply hot tubs at your location.

My Hot Tubs Ireland

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Having a hot tub, also known as a spa, in an outdoor space is an excellent idea if you want a fresh and exciting way to use it. Any garden would benefit from a hot tub, which may provide a variety of sensations based on your preferences. 
My hot tub is the brand name of a renowned hot tub supplier in Ireland. We have many years of experience designing, constructing, and installing our special collection of hot tubs Ireland. The majority of our hot tubs are made to offer the highest in relaxation, allowing you to lay back, relax, and admire the bubbles. Yet, we also provide a few b and q hot tubs that can assist your fitness.
We have looked worldwide to ensure we are providing our consumers with the best lazy spa hot tub items available right now, complete with full manufacturer assurances, modern technology, energy-saving techniques, and ecologically friendly methods. 
Every customer receives outstanding service from us, and we work hard to be able to assist consumers in making the best decisions possible.
Our products are simple to install in both private residences and commercial spas. Everywhere throughout Ireland, we perform installations. Additionally, we are always prepared to provide you with the ideal inflatable hot tub, equipment, and chemicals based on your requirements. 

To get a full-body massage, hydrotherapy, and relaxation, our Jacuzzi hot tubs are a perfect supplement to baths. Our acrylic hot tubs Ireland are equipped with the following factors:
• High-quality acrylic material is used in its construction.
• The water jets are composed of acrylic, which provides long-lasting service.
• The bath is made to offer an uncompromised experience and a relaxing massage. 
Since we negotiate directly with consumers, we are able to provide the best possible customer service at competitive prices. Our mission is to provide complete client satisfaction.

Type of hot tubs Ireland

Hot tubs are available in My Hot Tub in a wide variety of types, sizes, and designs, as we’ve previously discussed. The most well-known ones consist of the following:

This kind of hot tub uses air jets to draw warm outside air into the tub after collecting and heating it. As a result, you can take great pleasure in a continuous stream of moving water.

The inflatable hot tub from My Hot Tub is an excellent starting point for those who are interested in experiencing the hot tub culture. You can use Inflatable hot tubs outside of your house. Although, remember that it’s not advised to use it below a specific temperature.

Our portable hot tub is perfect if you wish to enjoy it in comforting, bubbly water but are unwilling to make a permanent addition to your garden. Prefabricated hot tubs are another name for portable hot tubs.
They are more cost-effective and use less power than other varieties. You have the choice of putting one in the ground or putting it on the floor, and whether to put it both in and out of your house. 
To give it a unique appearance, you may also construct flooring around it. We have many different sizes and types of materials available for portable hot tubs for sale.

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In a water jetted hot tub, the water from the tub is collected by the water jets, which then pressurize it and send it out of the jets.

A wood-burning hot tub operates on the idea of gravity. Pipes surround an interior wood burner. Each of our wood-burning hot tubs Ireland is handcrafted with strong 42mm planks to keep going up for 10 to 15 years. To enhance your enjoyment of your wood-burning hot tub even further, we can also offer you a variety of equipment.

Our offerings

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Hot tub for sale

We provide a large selection of hot tubs. Our hot tubs are designed exclusively for homes in Ireland.

Hot Tub Maintenances

We offer high-quality hot tub maintenance to extend the service life of your b and q hot tubs and keep it operating safely and smoothly.

Chemicals for hot tub

Several chemicals and other hot tub accessories are also available from us. These high-quality supplies will assist you in keeping your Hot Tub in good working order at your residence.

Our specialties:

We always maintain the following matter that makes us special to our consumers.• You will get a quick response from us after contacting us. Furthermore, you may receive your stylish hot tub anywhere in Ireland in just two weeks.
• With our many years of experience, we can guarantee your complete satisfaction with our hot tubs.
• We are experts in installing lazy spa hot tubs and delivery.
• Our hot tubs Ireland comes with unique design and top quality.
• We can also perform any necessary treatments.
• Thanks to our “green fingers,” we can take care of whatever landscaping you need.
• We offer electricity and can complete any necessary wiring for hot tub. We can complete any plumbing task that is required.
• If necessary, we provide a thorough service as well as a maintenance guide.

Are hot tubs and Jacuzzi the same thing?

The term “Jacuzzi” has developed to be used equally with “hot tub.” However, it is basically a brand name that has been registered.
Jacuzzi hot tubs will provide you with more time for the important things, whether you use them inside or outside. It does not matter where you placed it. You can install your hot tub in the corner of your house, terrace, or garden. Our innovative designs and high-quality hot tubs Ireland will restore love and friendships among family members and friends. Yet, the word “Jacuzzi” is now frequently used to refer to hot tubs.

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Wrapping up

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The Hot tub from My Hot Tubs is highly regarded for its calming, relaxing, and natural healing properties. Because we understand that every customer is unique, and since our assistance is very customized. Our goal is to please our clients by offering the most remarkable customer service. Our hot tubs Ireland is made to be portable and simple to install, allowing you to celebrate your special event with family members and friends wherever you are.


You must carefully follow the Limit Temperature for Hot Tubs recommendation. In general, a hot tub’s water temperature should be maintained from 37 to 40 degrees Celsius. Although the hot tub’s original settings are at 38 degrees, a body heat of 37 degrees is usually a decent place, to begin with.

You need a robust, level platform for your hot tub. Your hot tub’s base must be sturdy enough to withstand the water pressure within the hot tub and anyone using it. The durability and strength of concrete make it an excellent material for a hot tub’s foundation. Only when an additional layer of safety, like an absorbing mat, is present should inflatable hot tubs be set up on a gravel surface. Any sturdy platform, such as a concrete block, reinforced platform, or tightly compacted ground with crushed gravel, is necessary for a hot tub. It is also possible to have the buried hot tub, although a concrete vault is still necessary.

Your hot tub requires electricity to operate. Therefore, it’s essential to know the factors and to hire a qualified electrician to assist with the setup. 
A hot tub needs water that has been heated to a specific temperature to induce relaxation.
Basically, they pump water and contain components that support maintaining the water’s cleanliness and clarity.
Whenever a hot tub is working, its parts continuously cycle the water. This procedure circulates chemicals, keeps the water from freezing, and enables the heater and filer to function. Follow us for more